Do you have a passion for movies and for Jesus Christ.  Are you a budding PR  or marketing superstar who wants to sow time into a growing movement.  Do you have a gift for graphics or event management? If you answered "yes," then we want you. As a volunteer, you will work with a wonderfully supportive staff, gain valuable experience, and meet interesting people.  Email: info@churchesmakingmovies.com  





PRAY for Churches Making Movies. We have committed and trusted the festival wholly to the Lord and believe faithfully in the Lord's promise that our plans are established and will succeed.  


GIVE a monetary gift.   Every gift you graciously give will be used to offset the numerous costs associated with running the festival.  


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ATTEND. We want to see you October 11-13 at Fellowship Deaconry Christian Retreat and Conference Center.  You don't want to miss out on 3-days of family-fun movie events!