You don't have to be stuck in a creative rut!
Your business or career doesn't have to suffer from a lack
of Creative Intelligence!
You can live up to your God-given creative potential!
In this seminar, you will learn how to overcome
"creativity killers" and say "yes" to your creative destiny.
Crushing Creativity Killers
Saturday October 14th @10:00am
Holiday Inn Meadowlands
Secaucus, New Jersey

Don’t let anything rob you from becoming the creator, innovator, and influencer that God created you to be.  Start living up to your creative potential. God gave you a specific creative gifting and He expects for you to use it. No one else can use your gift for you. Sure, you’ll face setbacks, road blocks and detours as we all do. Consider these external factors the price of doing creative business, but there are certain internal factors that you and only you control. Overcome these “creativity killers” and say “yes” to your creative future. 

From Your Seminar Leader

In 2016, I battled a creative quagmire and won!  By 2017, I was the co-founder and president of VetStreamTV, a hot new business in one of the fastest growing industries in the world.   In addition, I expanded the film festival I founded  to include a West Coast tour to Hollywood--the movie capitol of the world.   


I boldly came face-to-face with the Creativity Killers that were robbing me of my creative destiny and overcame a desolute creative period in my life.  Today, I live out loud my creative purpose that was divinely set for me before I was even born.  What's stopping you from living up to your creative potential?  


Whatever it is, you can learn how to overcome it in this informative seminar  and awaken the creative mastermind in you to become the innovator you were born to be!

About the Speaker

Film festival director, entrepreneur, producer

LaVonne spent over ten years as a public relations professional for top New York City agencies including Hill & Knowlton and Edelman PR where her specialty was hi-tech media relations. As a PR pro, she consistently booked her clients with top media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, and CNBC.

She started her career as an intern reporter for the Greensboro News and Record after an editor there read one of the articles she wrote for her college newspaper.

LaVonne earned a Master's degree in public relations from Rowan University and resides in New Jersey with her husband of twenty years. The couple has two young adult children and they worship at The Sanctuary church in Newark, New Jersey.

This Seminar is FREE and open to the public, but participants must 

register below because seating is limited.  


LaVonne McIver James is the founder and executive director of  the Churches Making Movies Christian Film Festival, and the  co-founder and president of VetStreamTV. 

Churches Making Movies is the largest Christian film festival in New Jersey.  In its fifth year, the festival screens films from around the world produced primarily by churches and media ministries.  It is the only film festival in the world devoted to celebrating church-produced films.  


VetStreamTV is an entertainment streaming site for veterans. The company offers feature films, shorts, TV shows, documentaries and comedies. Soon, the VetStreamTV family of content will include exclusive one-time events.


She is also the executive producer of  The GL Douglas Show, a spec T.V. comedy. 

*Registration for Crushing Creativity Killers does not grant registrant entry into the film festival. If you would like to purchase a pass for the Churches Making Movies Film Festival, you may do so below.

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